Island Hoping

If catamaran cruises, sun, turquoise waters, tropical meals to the rhythm of ravanne beats, desert islands and forgotten beaches speak to you, then you will surely appreciate island hopping in Seychelles.

The Republic of Seychelles is made up of about thirty scattered islands which are for the most part very accessible from the main island. Either on the north, the south, the east or west, you will find on every sides pristine uninhabited islands and islets. Take your sunscreen, beachwear and sunglasses.

Island hopping explained

Island hopping is an activity that you can either enjoy in a group or exclusively alone. You just need to rent a boat. Whatever your choice, you will always be amazed by the beauty of the Seychelles Islands. Taste the famous beer of the country while enjoying a beautiful sunset, watch the turquoise lagoon come alive to blue lapis lazuli and the song of the ocean will keep you good company throughout the cruise.

Catamarans are famous amongst Seychellois and tourists for these types of trips, but there are also some fast boats and yachts. These trips usually starts at 9:00 am and lasts all day. Because of its popularity, this tour is offered by virtually all tour operators and hotels on the island. You can also book online.